Instructions Before Intravenous Anesthesia Sedation

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Before Intravenous (IV) Anesthesia Sedation

If you will be sedated using via IV, you MUST:

  • Fast for a period of 8 hours prior to surgery. This means NO food, water, candy, or even chewing gum.
  • Failure to fast as instructed may result in the cancellation of your surgery due to possible safety concerns.
  • Only if directed by your oral surgeon can a light meal (such as toast and clear fluids) be eaten no later than 6 hours before the surgery.

In addition to fasting, you are advised to:

  • Take your morning medications as usual (with a small sip of water only and as early in the morning as possible) unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon.
  • Brush your teeth and rinse in the morning before the surgery
  • Do NOT smoke or vape after midnight the night before the surgery
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and sensible shoes (no high heels or flip flops)
  • Remove all jewelry, including earrings, tongue studs, rings and belly rings
  • Remove nail polish from fingernails and leave contact lenses at home.

Adult Accompaniment

All patients being sedated, regardless of age, require accompaniment by a responsible adult. This individual will be required to remain in the CVOS Oral Surgery office for the duration of your procedure to receive home care instructions.

Following completion of your surgery and recovery period, this person must drive you home or accompany you in a taxi. A responsible adult must also remain with you to care for you over the following 24 hours.

Note Regarding Patients Taking Birth Control Medications

If you are taking birth control pills and antibiotics are prescribed or administered, please be aware that the effectiveness of the birth control pill may be compromised. 

Therefore, other methods of birth control must be employed throughout the next complete cycle.


Parking Instructions

It is recommended that you park in the onsite or adjacent parking lot for each office location.

If your appointment is at our Mississauga location, please use the Credit Valley Hospital Parking. Vehicles parked in the Erin Mills Town Centre or in no parking zones around the medical building are ticketed or towed. Please remember that shared parking with the hospital can require extra time to find an available parking space so it is recommended that you allow an additional 15-20 minutes for this prior to your appointment time.

NOTE: Anesthetic fees are based on units of time. Where a vehicle must be brought from a remote location, the extra time involved may affect the anesthetic fee.

Surgical Instructions

How To Schedule An Appointment

To receive your initial consultation with one of our oral surgeons, please contact your family dentist and ask to be referred.

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