Following the removal of a tooth, an empty socket is left in the bone that surrounds the roots of your teeth (this bone is also referred to as the alveolar ridge). Usually, this empty socket will heal on its own, but when it doesn’t the size of the socket will continue to deteriorate, requiring the natural contour of your jaw and gums to be recreated.

While a ridge augmentation is not medically necessary, patients who choose this procedure often do so for esthetic reasons or because the bone needs to be rebuilt to accommodate the placement of an implant.

Ask your surgeon if a ridge augmentation is right for you!


Ridge augmentations are typically completed immediately after a tooth is removed.

The surgeons at CVOS Oral Surgery begin by placing bone graft material in your tooth socket and suturing gum tissue over this. If needed, a space-maintaining product may also be placed over the top of the graft, into which the bone will grow, helping to restore the original size of the socket.

One this has healed, the ridge can be prepared for the placement of your implant.

At CVOS Oral Surgery, our team of expert surgeons perform ridge augmentations using local anesthesia and IV sedation.

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