The Most Advanced Dental Implant Technology

CVOS Oral Surgery now offers patients the exceptional precision only achievable by pairing the expert surgical skills of a CVOS oral surgeon with the advanced technologies of cone beam 3D imaging and our new X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system.

What is X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation?

The X-Guide system is like GPS for the surgeon’s drill.  It uses a detailed 3D treatment plan to provide turn-by-turn guidance during surgery, giving our surgeons the ability to visualize precise movements of the drill in real-time for more exact implant placement.  This technology allows CVOS Oral Surgery to offer his patients minimally invasive treatment options, meaning fewer incisions, shorter healing time, and most importantly, less pain for you.  

The end result is that CVOS Oral Surgery implant patients can expect a more desirable functional and aesthetic outcome from their dental implant surgery.

How it Works

The surgeon will pre-plan the ideal implant location based on your unique anatomy using advanced software.

During your surgery, the doctor will utilize a small, lightweight X-Clip in your mouth that matches to this digital plan with a specialized radiation-free camera system. During your procedure, the doctor has a 3D view of your anatomy including jawbone, soft tissue, surrounding teeth, as well as the digital treatment plan to follow.

The X-Guide navigation technology provides the surgeon with turn-by-turn guidance along the surgical path, like a road map on your GPS. This is similar to the way medical neurosurgery has been done for many years.

How To Schedule An Appointment

To receive your initial consultation with one of our oral surgeons, please contact your family dentist and ask to be referred.