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Implementing geofencing is a great way to ensure your dental advertising efforts are going to individuals you want to see in your practice.
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About Our Surgical Team

Our highly skilled and experienced team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons offers referring practices the convenience of having all of their OMS needs expertly met under one roof with the confidence of knowing their patients are receiving an impeccable level of care.




CVOS Continuing Education Program

Continuing education is a cornerstone of success in the highly competitive industry in which we practice. Advancing skills, learning of new innovations, becoming more effective leaders, and supporting our teams are all key objectives of our CE program focused on supporting your success.


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3 Ways to Refer A Patient


Best if setting up referral isn’t urgent


Connect immediately with a CVOS Patient Care team representative


Call to speak with a Patient Care team representative

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Your success is important to us. Check back often for new articles that highlight how, together, we can meet the needs of our patients.

Mapping Out Your Practice’s Sale: What To Do & When To Do It

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Selling your practice in the most successful and rewarding way is not easy. Proper planning and preparation are critical to maximizing the sale price while minimizing the headaches you experience throughout the sale and transition. Whether you think you will sell your practice within 5 years or 15, as the saying goes, the best time…
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