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What Are Impacted Canines?

The maxillary canine, also known as the upper eyetooth, is the second most commonly impacted tooth. Maxillary canine teeth are strong and have the longest roots among your other teeth. These teeth play a vital role in your mouth, so it is essential to get treatment when they become impacted.

Due to their important function, every effort is made to get an impacted canine to erupt into its proper position in your mouth among your other teeth. Canine teeth serve as a guide for the rest of your teeth into the proper bite.

We recognize the discomfort that can come along with impacted canines and encourage you to get in contact with us at CVOS Oral Surgery to find your treatment.

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Early Detection

The chances of your impacted eyetooth erupting decreases as you age. It is essential to clear space for the tooth to erupt by getting treatment for over retained baby teeth, selected adult teeth, or anything else that may be halting progress.

By age 11 or 12, if a path is cleared and space is opened up, there is a good chance the impacted canine will erupt naturally. If the eyetooth is allowed to develop too much through the ages of 13 to 14, the impacted canine may not erupt by itself even if there is space cleared.

In more mature patients over 40, the tooth may be fused in place and never erupt at all. 

Here at CVOS Oral Surgery, our highly skilled surgeons partner with your family dentist and orthodontist to remove any obstructions or obstacles and increase the likelihood of the canine erupting. Your CVOS Oral Surgery surgeon will also provide you with treatment options to replace the extracted tooth, such as a dental implant or fixed bridge denture for patients where the tooth has fused.

Working Together

Each case is different; if your eyeteeth do not erupt, your oral surgeon will partner with you and your orthodontist to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that best suits your needs. You can rest assured that our dedicated team at CVOS Oral Surgery has your best interests in mind.

What to Expect From Surgery

Impacted canine surgery is routine and typically performed in one of CVOS Oral Surgery’s offices under IV sedation. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes for most patients, although this can vary, depending on how many teeth are being treated. 

The preoperative consultation will lay out the entire process. You will get the opportunity to ask your surgeon questions and relay any concerns you may have. . 

Small amounts of bleeding from the impacted surgical sites are normal following the surgery. You may be prescribed pain medication, but the standard pain relievers such as Tylenol and Advil will suffice for many patients. 

While bruising is not common, you may have some swelling in the lip area, which can be treated by applying ice packs.

Following your surgery, a diet of soft, bland foods is recommended during your recovery process. You should also avoid sharper food items such as crackers and chips to prevent irritation to the surgical site. Resuming your normal diet depends on how comfortable you are and how the healing process is progressing.

A follow-up appointment will be required with your oral surgeon 7 to 10 days after your surgery. Your surgeon will evaluate your healing process and check for any issues or potential setbacks.

You should prepare to see your orthodontist within 1 to 14 days following your surgery to begin the eruption process when planning your schedule.   

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