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COVID-19 Safety Measures at CVOS Oral Surgery

The COVID-19 safety measures at CVOS Oral Surgery are in place because we prioritize our patients’ health, now and always.

We are dedicating today’s blog to our most recent COVID-19 safety measures and how this will influence your dental visits.

“What Are the CDC Guidelines for Dental Offices?”

In accordance with CDC guidelines for Canadian dental offices, CVOS Oral Surgery conducts the following in order to ensure the safest environment possible for each and every one of our patients:

  • The frequent and thorough sanitization of all frequently-touched surfaces, including, but not limited to, all equipment, tabletops, and doorknobs
  • Automatic hand-sanitizers for patient and staff use
  • Posters that provide instructions for patients regarding COVID-19 related expectations and in-office guidelines
  • Physical barriers that are installed between reception and patients
  • A rearranged foyer to permit for easier social distancing between patients
  • The removal of frequently-touched items such as magazines
  • Face masks worn by each staff member

Due to these guidelines, we ask that all patients come wearing their face mask and that they do not remove it until requested to by their dentist or dental hygienist.

“How Should I Book My Appointment During COVID-19?

CVOS Oral Surgery is currently experiencing a higher-than-normal call volume.

As such, we now offer three ways to be referred to one of our oral pathologists or oral surgeons:

With over 40 years of experience serving you and your loved ones, we work to secure your safety by requesting that you wait outside the foyer until it is time for your appointment. Your temperature will be checked upon entry and you will be requested to fill out a form stating that you have no symptoms of COVID-19 and that you have not travelled recently. This form acts as our main form of contact tracing and helps keep both you and others safe and in-the-know.

“I’m New to CVOS Oral Surgery. What Will My First Visit Look Like?”

Aside from your dental team wearing extra protective gear, our first visit process remains largely unchanged.

Your initial appointment will be made up of a consultation that delves into your diagnosis and treatment options. A dental X-ray, complete list of medications you are currently taking, and dental insurance information will also be requested.

Depending on your diagnosis and oral concerns, surgery may be performed on the same day as this initial consultation. Typically, however, this initial evaluation is followed by your secondary appointment, which will be your surgery.

Ask to Be Referred to CVOS Oral Surgery Today for Dental Care That is as Safe as it is Effective


We partner with highly skilled and highly-trusted practices in order to restore smiles just like yours. 

If you would like a referral, please direct your dentist to our patient referral form in order to begin your journey to receiving expert oral and maxillofacial surgical or non-surgical care.


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