Jaw Surgery Recovery

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What to Expect Following Your Jaw Surgery



During your surgery, blood loss will be carefully controlled by your surgical team. Transfusions are rarely necessary but if you have any concerns regarding this, for any reason, please notify your surgeon. Following your surgery, a small amount of bleeding after surgery is normal within first two days. If bleeding continues or is excessive:


Swelling is a normal result from any type of surgery and may take up to three days to reach its maximum, after which it should start to decrease. To minimize swelling:



Infection in the surgical site(s) is rare following jaw surgery. When it occurs, it is generally treated with antibiotics. If an infection is more severe, surgical drainage may be required.

Sensation in the Lips, Cheeks, Chin, Gums, & Tongue


Rigid Internal Fixation (RIF)

Bite Correction

Jaw Stiffness

Sore Throat

Oral Hygiene


It is also normal to experience fatigue after your surgery, possibly for a few weeks.

Time Off from Work & School

Post-Operative Self-Care

Pain Management

Surgical Instructions

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